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Insurance | Management | Social Business | Director of Personal Insurance (P&C) at Ogilvy & Ogilvy Inc. Giving you the information you need to make the right decisions for you.


Mila Araujo is Director of Personal Insurance (P&C) at Ogilvy & Ogilvy Inc. a third generation family run financial services firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal, serving the community for over 85 years. Specialties include personal home and auto insurance, performance marine and executive insurance products and services.

With over 15 years experience, Mila uses her background in public relations, personal insurance and customer service to help people understand their insurance and tailor personalized solutions for their needs. View my about me page here for more insight

"Winning at the Insurance Gamble" is a blog dedicated to providing additional information and discussion on topics that seem to touch clients every day. Answers, explanations and information to help individuals understand so that they can always make the "right" decisions and win.

Social Media is also a focus of this blog for the importance it plays in relationship building, management and service in today's digital world. For more information on Social Media and it's applications in business, please check out Perspectives where Leadership, Business, Branding and Social Networking are the focus to help you succeed in making informed choices for your business.