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Insurance your way. Standing apart from the crowd.

Recently at Ogilvy we were re-evaulating our strategy for social media and our web site. One of the biggest trends we are seeing now with insurance companies is that they offer quotes online. Given this, it made sense two years ago for us to jump on board and offer online quoting. After running this program for two years, we realized something: we had many quotes coming through, but the profile of client we were attracting simply wasn't our target. We did not want to do mass sales, we wanted relationships.

Some organizations build their business on mass sales. This is particularly true of the insurance companies that sell directly to their clients. They have one product line and their representatives only sell one insurer. They have a cookie cutter mold and so its easy to have an online form. If you fit in the mold, you get your quote. If not, it keeps you walking.

As brokers, we work very differently. In general we take the client's information and must understand what they are trying to achieve with their insurance before we start plugging numbers. We arent selling numbers and prices, we are selling service and strategy. We don't believe that all clients will fit in a box, as brokers, this is what we build our careers on. How can we attain something tailored to your needs. How can we be your advocate?

So, when it came time to assess if we were going to continue with online quoting, we took a drastic decision to go another way. We took our online quotes off our site, and replaced it with what we felt was true to the values of our company, our employees and our clients:

"Ogilvy & Ogilvy: 85 years of personal service

In today’s competitive marketplace more and more organizations are leaning towards full service enhancements by offering online quotes. You won’t find an online quote here, let us explain why.

We offer our clients a full array of technologically enhanced support and resources such as our comprehensive website, Ogilvy Insurance Facebook pages, online blog and updates via twitter. We pride ourselves on offering you a personalized service. When computer systems are entrusted to offer quotes, all of the specialized work and expertise a broker has to offer are stripped. We have found that our online quotes offer a base rate, but lack the results of negotiation, and accommodation that we as brokers have to offer. We will not sacrifice quality on your quote which is why you won’t find an online quick quote here. As brokers, we take into account your personal situation and your personal needs, then we use our knowledge and expertise to negotiate the best rates and present you with a plan and options to suit your budget and lifestyle. Our relationship with you is what drives our quotes, so give us a call, we would love to speak to you and understand what your needs are. Let’s work together to find the best insurance solution, we would be pleased to have the opportunity to serve *you*."

This is our mission, and it deviates from what everyone else is doing, but I feel good about it because this is where we are different. Standing apart from the crowd.


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