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CGS cat back exhaust

The race is gonna be breath-taking! The tips you mentioned are very well thought of, thanks for the advice.

Sebastian Gaydos

It's a lot of fun watching the race, right? Its good to watch F1 on TV, where you get instant replays and commentaries. But nothing beats the electricity of watching it live, especially if you see Louis Hamilton blasting past Jenson Button in the flesh. Just a tip if you're gonna watch F1 live: bring a lot of water, sunscreen lotion, earplugs (your ears will thank you for them) and a baseball cap. Oh, and wear your team's colors, hehe.

Quentin Sanz

Those fast cars are such awesome things to watch. I mean, watching these F1 cars live will really amaze you. And the cars come with cool designs and technologies. And I have to admit, wearing my team's color gives an added twist to the experience!

classic restoration

It's my dream to sit on the front seat. It's just too expensive.

car restoration

This is speed at its best!

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