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Who do you represent? What's the Value in a Broker vs. Direct Insurer

Most people don't think too much about insurance. Overall, what we care about as people is saving money, living hassle free, enjoying life - and insurance? Well, let's just say insurance is not one of our favorite topics.

At Ogilvy & Ogilvy, we are brokers. We are not the insurance company.

When you deal with insurance, or an online quoting service, you should always find out - are you dealing with a broker, or is the person you are speaking to an employee of the insurance company? You can ask the person you deal with: "Who do you represent?"  Its an excellent question.

Most people don't think too much about insurance to even care what the difference is. However the difference is quite important. Brokers are people, they are your representatives and one of the key attributes, that we look for , in our brokers is that they're people who truly care. People who have bills just like you, who are empathetic and whose primary goal is to help you deal with insurance companies.

The whole idea that an insurance company is hard to deal with as an individual, the feeling that we all share as humans is that insurance companies are just big machines looking for profit. That is  the basis of why brokers have jobs: Our job  is to navigate the waters with you, to work with you so that when you deal with insurance , you have a friend on your side.

Your counsel, your representative, your defendor, your negotiator -

Thats who we are: Your broker.

I am introducing a series of videos about people - real people, real insurance stories, and how we as brokers come into that picture.

Pleased to share my first video with you, The Car Accident, by Chantale.


Hope you enjoy getting to know us better, and that you share your insurance stories with us  because as brokers, what we care about is also saving you money, living hassle free, enjoying life - and making sure you get the most out of your insurance.


Join the discussion below!


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Ron Miller

The same thing happened to me, I was in an accident and my truck was written off. The insurance company offered 7k for it, when I told my insurance broker he stood up to the plate for me and got an extra 3k. At the time I had a loan on the truck and the money they were offereing would not have covered it. With the extra money I was able to pay off the loan and have a little extra to put towards another vehicle.

Mila Araujo

Hey Ron! Thanks for sharing your story, it is so good to hear a positive story and its true, at the end of the day its about people working together with people. Glad you have a great broker!


I would be really insterested to learn why my car insurance has almost doubled over the last 2 years, I have not had any accidents (touch wood) and I have not made any claims, but yet my car insurance has continued to rise, why is this?

Mila Araujo

Dear Emily, this is a question many people ponder. One of the biggest comments I get is that the car is one year older (or two or three) and that their car insurance has increased, yet the value of the vehicle has depreciated. This one is an interesting point, unfortunately despite the fact that the vehicle value has gone down, replacing a door or a car part due to an accident may still be just as expensive on a new car as on a 3 year old car. So the "coverage" you are paying for is not limited to a theft coverage, it includes repairs. The area you live in also comes into play. Was there a higher incidence of theft or accidents in your area last year? Maybe the insurance company adjusted their rates.

There are so many factors involved in rating car insurance, each state, province and country has different regulations and requirements, so I can not speak for the specifics of your insurance, but I can give you some ideas on a general level.

Did your occupations, age, address, conviction record (speeding tickets etc) change? You mentioned you had no accidents, did you make other claims, like windshield, or vandalism? Some companies give discounts to people with flawless records, unfortunately, when the person has a claim, they will loose this flawless record discount. That can hurt. When a rate doubles, its pretty crazy, so I would then ask - did your insurer suddenly introduce a new rating method, like using credit scoring into their calculations, and if so, did you authorize the credit scoring? If you don't, I have seen companies use standard non preferential rates when the credit scoring is unobtainable, often approving the credit scoring , in my experience, has allowed for a drop in price by half. The other factor that you may consider is whether or not you used to insure other things with the same company, and have since cancelled them, multi vehicle discounts, and multi policy discounts can often grant up to 40% in premium reductions. If you used to insure your home with the company and now switched to go elsewhere, the discount you had on your car may have been deleted. There are so many possibilities, and regional regulations and discounts that could apply that I strongly recommend with the overview I have given above, call your insurer and ask them some questions. I am sure they will have some explanation, and perhaps in the process you can get those rates back down.

Emily, thank you for your question, as you can see there are a lot of factors to consider. I hope this helped put things into perspective and that you open a dialogue which will save you some money on your insurance costs!

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