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Social Media is about relationships. We built our business on relationships.

Social Media for Social Good - Extending Corporate Social Responsibility to Individuals

This week I traveled to New York City to participate in #Brandsconf at the 92nd Street Y. The theme was the Humanization of Brands.

As business people when we think about Brands and Social Media we often focus on our industry, our goals, and marketing.

I enjoyed the experience at #Brandsconf because in addition to presenting an amazing array of speakers for leading corporate brands, there were also individuals speaking on personal branding, and panels representing social causes.

Epic Change Panel #Brandsconf #140conf #Epicchange

This years line up allowed for a thorough representation of all angles of Social Media Branding.

One of the most notable uses for social media I have witnessed is when we connect together and use social media as a tool to drive change.

The Aviva Community Fund Campaign is one great example which we at Ogilvy have been proud to participate in.

I was really pleased to see Social Good Initiatives represented at this week's Brandsconf. Several presentations really drove home what we can accomplish when we join together and spread the word to benefit wonderful causes.


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